Roger Bacon's Cure of Old Age
The Mysterious Myrobalans

In Roger Bacon's "Cure Of Old Age", 13th Century, 

(Latin translated to old English in 1683) 

On the bottom of page 85...

Bacon R., Cure of Old Age

He mentions several special plants, but they used the old names, 

and no further translation of his Latin was made 

(the names are slightly misspelled)

nor identification of what (fruits) he was talking about. 

So I set about to bring this to light and to you today. 

is an ancient Ayurvedic Fruit Secret !!!





Its hard to say if anyone knew any of what he was relaying about these, 

and I tend to doubt if he really had any idea of what he was talking about.

This was not easy to figure out at all even using our new techniques. 

I knew of 'Myrobalans', but was not clear about this at all either.

Terminalia chebula, Haritaki,  'Black' (Yellow) Myrobalans


Terminalia chebula Images

Phyllanthus_emblica, 'Emblick'  Indian Gooseberry

Phyllanthus emblica

Well it turns out this is quite a special Sacred Ayurvedic Fruit !

Phyllanthus embelica Images

Terminalia_bellirica, 'Bellirick'  

Terminalia bellirica

Terminalia bellirica Images

Prunus_cerasifera, 'Myrobalans',  Cherry Plum  (My Personal Favorite Tree)

Prunus cerasifera

Prunus cerasifera Images

This is the species that I used to plant my first large Orchard in San Jose.

It was so spectacular people came from all around to see them and in late June

the fruit was hanging in huge bundles to the ground, 

so it had to be propped up with long stakes.  

Prunus cerasifera Fruit

This photo gives some idea of the amazing production that was possible in the 

Santa Clara Valley, one of the world's greatest fruit tree areas before Siliconized.

Cherry Plum Harvest


TRIPHALA. "Bacon's Trifera" 

Triphala Poweder Ayurvedic Remedy

Bacon was certainly privy to some amazing information and 
relayed it as best he could and fairly accurately, just enough to 
finally figure it out today, although known since ancient times. 
It was special for me to find these ancient connections to my own Orchard.
I hope people can discover more about these fruits and how to attain health.

All The Best

Steve D.
Aug. 20, 2014

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